Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Photo of my cock

If you wanting to see how big my cock is, click here.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Kena con khau-khau

Before I start writing dis shits, I want to telling you I famous oredi. Dat gay feller, Eyeris, he making own Lords Of The Ring versions. Now he making me famous. I got as charactarer in his version, naming Kaullum!

Best or not? Si beh ho liao!

Anyways, I wanting to telling you all about last time got happen one funny things. Last time when I working in old office, got one ger quite chun wan lah. Dis ger I wanting to play-play with her.

After long time I try to throw line, one day she asking me: "Ah Kau, I looking at you long time oredi. I thinks you special guy. Very special."

I oso damn syiok liao lor. I thoughts can play-play with her oredi.

Anden, she saying: "I thinks you very confident guy, so I want to invite you to doing something special with me."

Wah, by den, I damn stand oredi wor!

Anden she inviting me to her house der next night. She saying she got something she wanting to show me, and I sure interested wan.

So next night, I going to her house lor. Her whole family go out, and leaving us alone. She come sit near-near me on der couch. Wah, I almost beh tahan! Damn stand, damn syiok!

We chit-chat lor. Den I waiting to make my "special move". Suddenly got doorbell ring. POTONG STIM!

Den lot of people coming into der house. I oso not understand.

Suddenly one guy pulling out a white board, anden he writing on white board with markers pen.

Akcheli ah, dat ger wanting me to join multi levels marketing!

Haiya, potong stim anden balls oso drop! Lanciau!!!

After dat, go home, din get to hamsab, din get anyting. Just going home empty hands.

Damn tu lan!

Friday, August 19, 2005

No more spams!

I am hating der spambots very much! Dey all damn cibai wan. Comes to people's blog and buat lanciau!

Now I got put der word verylification thing. So the cibaibots cannot come and kacau my blog.

So sorry to my readers. Now you must taking extra step to commenting on my blogs. At least you happy, I happy lor hor? Der spambots not happy, tiu dem lah!

Today I got reading in paper, got one ang moh kui, he sell few million email address to spammers. Now he got arrest by police. Good lah! Tiu him! Si ang moh kui, jia bah siu eng, boh gang chor! Kanneh!

I hope he dropping soap in the bathroom in jail!

Si ang moh kui, make people life difficult only.

Monday, August 15, 2005

AH KAU IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By popular demands.

I oso dono got people like to reading my blog. I no come here long time, but I click-click my IP Stat and got see many people coming in to my blog. I so terharu!

I so busy with work, until got no time to blogging. Now I say die three times oso must come back and blogging. Kiasu mah. Xiaxue samor.

Today I got reading in newspaper, Ayah Pin he got do like the movie Face/Off. He tukar his face oredi. I oso cannot believing lah. Damn blardi scary.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Ah, got people loving me!!!

Tenkiu tenkiu! Kam siah, kam siah!!!

Real views today: 35
Reloads today: 16

I think Chowyunfatsbrother is very the jealous.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Nobody loving me!

Wah lau eh! Got one day, I checking my IPStats. It saying:

Real views today: 3
Reloads today: 0

Why I wasting times write this blog? Nobody loving me!

Monday, June 20, 2005

10 tings you wanting to knows about Ah Kau

1. Why your name so stupid?
My name not stupid, You is stupid. I not stupid. Don't asking stupid question.

2. Why your English so bad wan?
I writing better than your mudder lah. So shuddup.

3. What is your job?
Why you care? I feed your children ah? I sleeps your wife ah?

4. Eh, why you always so rude wan?
Where got rude? I telling der truth lah. Better I pangsai on your head than I pangsai in your mouth, right? Cheebai!

5. See? You are so rude! Why you always use bad word wan?
Bads word nice wat. Why you don't like ah? Your mudder never teach you ah?

6. Stop talking about my mother! And my wife!
Your mudder's smelly cheebai lah!

7. Shuddup! I kill you, you bastard guy!
You shuddup lah, mudderfuck guy!

8. Tiuniaseng! You shuddup!
Ah! You oso using bads word wat!

9. You shuddup! I stab you with my car!
I kick your lanpah! Make you cannot having childrens. Then I fuck your wife!

10. Bastard guy! I KILL YOU!!!
I kill you first, mudderfuck guy!